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IMG_-jwht37.jpgI am Ahmed Lutfe Inam (Surjo). I’m currently studying in grade X in Civil Aviation High School,  Kurmitola, Dhaka. I’ve the first position there among all the girls and boys. My family consists of four members. I’m the second son of my parents. I am reading in science group. I stay socially connected in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, GitHub, Snapchat, LinkedIn, imo, LINE, Viber and in Whatsapp. I also do photography on different subjects by camera and by my phone. I have an elder brother and I live with my parents in Dhaka.


I read in Civil Aviation High School, Kurmitola, Dhaka. I’m reading here for 11 years (from KG grade, 2007) I’ve always had the first position in my grade except in grade IX (2017). I remained the second boy in the year.


Since I’m an student, I’ve my Upwork and Freelancer ID so that I can earn a bit extra money. I also write articles in English Wikipedia, Bangla Wikipedia and in Simple English Wikipedia. I’m an auto – confirmed user there. I also do writings of short stories. I’m always humbled to do these. Visit my tech website: thedroidthings.wordpress.com


I’ve been studying in Civil Aviation High School from the beginning. I achieved ‘Talentpool’ scholarship in PEC examination (2013), and Golden A+ in JSC examination (2016). I earned a chance in Bangamata Sheikh Fazilatunnesa High School (2013), but wasn’t admitted due to my family issues. I’m a former senior debater in my school.

Certificate From Wikipedia

I’ve won a medal on debate competition in the environment exhibition (2016), and achieved a medal for instant description (2017). I’ve won debate competitions from team held at BTV. First in 2016, second and third in 2017. I’ve certificates on debating. I look forward on debating.

I’m also a member of Anti-corruption institution in my school. Also an Election sub-manager in Student’s Cabinet Election (2017) and was a Cabinet member. And I’ve been the head Election manager in Student’s Cabinet Election (2018). I’ve achieved scholarship from Islamic foundation two times(2011 & 2012).

Recently, I also passed a thousand subscribers on YouTube on my channel “Surjo”.


Gaming, Petting, Teaching, Reading, Texting, Writing, Photography.


I’m a Gamer. I play both Android and PC games. I also played games in Playstation Portable and on Windows Phones. More than 350 games (July 20,2018) I’ve played on those devices. I also love to watch movies. Hollywood, Bollywood, Tally-wood, Dhally-wood movies are watched by me. More than 450 movies I’ve watched till now. (July 20, 2018)

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